polyglot /ˈpɒlɪɡlɒt/

noun: a person who knows and is able to use several languages.

Hi, I’m Bec,
I’m a micro-homesteading, small-business owning, musician, crafter, novice ceramicist, writer, aspiring podcaster, and enthusiastic learner of new things. I’m always trying to find new creative languages in which to express myself.

Thanks for joining me.

Autumn update:

1/05/20 –
Pumpkins for DAAAAAYS
pic by B Hale

We had a crazy Butternut Pumpkin crop that we harvested at the beginning of May.
Soup, anyone..?

23/11/19 –
Ruling the Roost,
pic by B Hale

Our chickens are starting the winter moult -chicken thing – soon we’ll not be getting eggs, they’re still good company though!

17/11/19 – The Boogaloo Invitational.
pic by B Hale

Throwback to festival season, when we were working 60 hour weeks in the lead up to Christmas at all manner of fun gigs – Check out our instagram.

The Blog

  • SOBr. the app that gets you home safe
    Have you ever been left behind on a night out? Abandoned by the friend that said they’d get you home?Have you ever lost a friend who you were supposed to take home? It’s a nightmare! We’re excited to bring you… Continue reading SOBr. the app that gets you home safe
  • I’m just here for the chats – Gamification and Productivity
    Why stay in an adventure app if you don’t like adventure games? Well, it turns out it’s more than just some monsters and armour…
  • Searching for Play – Gamification in Education
    When I was 20, many moons ago, I attempted to study online while working. The world was a very different place, and while my university at that time assured me they had a ‘state of the art’ online learning system, what that really meant was that I got sent paper packs of information, and had to log on weekly to do a quiz, this quiz then got emailed to my tutor who would mark it manually and send it back. There was no online in-person seminar situation, no instant feedback, just discussion boards… you’ll be pleased to know that University subject discussion boards have always been a ghost town, that’s nothing new.
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